About us

I have over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. I use a method called speed waxing which allows me to be able to complete treatments in a much faster space of time resulting in a quicker waxing experience and making it a lot more comfortable for customers. Typically I do a full upper body waxing in 30mins, back and shoulders or chest and stomach waxing in 10/15min, intimate area waxing in 15/20mins and a full body waxing in just over an hour.

I use two types of wax, warm wax (strip method) and hot wax (stripless method). Warm wax is for general body waxing and hot wax is for thicker or coarse hair such as intimate area hair or used on the face for beard hair waxing, as it does not stick to the skin it is not as painful as the traditional method of waxing. I use a sensitive skin tea tree cream wax on all of our customers as it has a lower working temperature, the antiseptic and soothing qualities of tea tree oil.

My client base is really varied, which consists of clients that are active in sports and gym, athletes, body builders, various martial arts students, boxers, marathon runners, cyclists and swimmers. I are very popular with the gay, transgender and nudist community and specialise in full beard waxing and because I operate from a private residential treatment room. I have a large customer base of clients who have treatments before going on holiday, grooms who are looking for treatments before the big day such as facials, manicures and pedicures. I operate at corporate events on site and do large bookings such as body building shows and corporate clients who book us for staff treat days with our mobile massage therapy service.

Before a treatment takes place we first complete a consultation form which goes through a medical questionnaire to ensure their are no contraindications preventing us from carrying out the treatment, the treatment is explained in detail so you are aware of the process so feel free to ask any questions

After the treatment takes place you are then given aftercare advise and depending on which treatment you book in for so that so that you can maintain the treatment for longer lasting results. We also run an appointment reminder system, a lot of our customers prefer this so they don't have to worry about remembering to book in for the next treatment as they are prompted when they are next due via out text reminder system.

You can bring you're retrospective other half to an appointment with you, we do have a large customer base who bring their partners with them and both get treatments done in the same appointment to save time going separately. We do offer female waxing and treatments

Don't be so worried about treatment terminology, for example Hollywood, Brazilian, Bikini line as every salon has different treatment names. For new customers we advise getting in touch with us via text or calling so that we can talk you through the treatment process and make sure you are booking in for the correct treatment you require.

We are open 7 days a week, from 9am - 8:30pm. I operate from a private residential discreet treatment room off Hurst Hill in Bilston. Our appointment system is by appointment only and you will never bump into another customer. The setting is very secure with CCTV, comfortable hydraulic bed and air conditioning, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

You can book online for either venue via the website or book in directly by calling us on 07707077121
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