Pricing List

Average estimated treatment times


Facial Waxing:

Full face wax (complete beard wax or beard shape from cheeks and neckline, eyebrows, forehead, ears & nostrils) £23 (15-30mins)

Eyebrow wax (shaped up or natural looking) £8 (5mins)

Monobrow wax (in between eyebrows only) £5.50 (5 mins)

Ear wax (earlobes and inside of ear) £6 (5mins)

Nose/Nostril wax (inside of the nostril and on top of the nose) £6 (5mins)

Neckline wax (under the beard and wispy hairs off the neck) £6 (5mins)

Beard shaping (underneath the beard and waxing on the cheeks) £12 (15mins)

Torso Waxing: 

Full back wax £27 (10mins)

Half back wax (top half or bottom half) £15 (5mins)

Chest wax £18 (10mins)

Stomach wax £15 (10mins)

Shoulder wax £12 (5mins)

Back and shoulder wax £33 (10-15mins)

Chest and stomach wax £25 (10-15mins)

Chest and shoulders wax £27 (10mins)

Arm Waxing:

Half arm wax (forearm or upper arm) £18 (10mins)

Full arm wax £30 (15mins)

Underarm wax £11 (5mins)

Hands and finger wax £8 (5mins)

Full arms, hands fingers and underarms £39 (15mins)

Leg Waxing:

Full leg, feet and toes wax £38

Half leg wax (lower leg or upper leg) £27 (10mins)

feet and toes wax £11 (5mins)

Intimate Area Waxing:

Bikini line/ speedo wax (pant line only/groin area only) £18 (10mins)

Buttocks wax (without crack) £18 (10mins)

Crack wax (in between the buttocks only) £12 (10mins)

Buttocks and crack wax £27 (10mins)

Front public only (hair removed from pubic triangle only) £30 (10mins)

Full male intimate area wax (aka known as back, sack & crack or Hollywood) £54 (20mins)

Brazilian (landing strip or triangle remaining only) £54 (20 mins)


Bundle more cost effective waxing packages

Up and over (back, shoulders, chest and stomach) £60 (20-30mins)

Down the back (back, shoulders, buttocks and crack) £60 (20-30mins)

Up and over + Down under (back, shoulders, chest, stomach, buttocks and crack) £83 (30mins)

Rear torso (back, shoulders, full arms and hands) £60 (20mins)

Full upper torso (back, shoulders, chest stomach, underarms, full arms and hands) £75 (30mins)

Full body without intimate area wax (feet, toes, legs, buttocks, full back, shoulders, underarms, stomach, chest, full arms, hands and fingers) £99 (1hour)

The complete body including intimate area wax (feet, toes, legs, buttocks, crack, intimate area, full back, shoulders, underarms, stomach, chest full arms, hands and fingers) £120 (1 hour 15mins)


Massage treatments provided by Sat at Sports Massage Wolverhampton. 

Please not for new customers a consultation for will be completed prior to the treatment taking place.

Sat offers Sports massage, deep tissue massage, kinesiology (taping and strapping), manipulation, trigger point therapy, tooled massage (Rockblades) and soft tissue Swedish massage.

 60mins Kinesiology (Taping and strapping) and sports massage to warm muscles before application £50

60mins deep tissue massage / sports massage £50



Tints and lash lifts

Eyelash tint and lift £35


Bookings by appointment only

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